Dinner Timer Lite

Dinner Timer Lite

A handy virtual chronometer to time your cooking or other time-based activity
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Dinner Timer Lite is a handy virtual chronometer to time your cooking or other time-based activity. It can display the running time in a big format which is easily readable from a considerable distance. It allows you to select from various notification methods to warn you once your programmed time is complete, and it allows you to know the exact amount of time you exceeded it, too.

The program enables you to start and stop the counter very easily thanks to two big and clearly identified buttons. The default time is three minutes, but you can change it from the "Settings" window to any of the fixed values provided and up to 90 minutes. You can also define a time before endpoint and two times over endpoint for the program to send you warnings, plus another time over endpoint to stop all notifications. Besides, the program allows you to configure five transparency levels for five different states - timer stopped, timer running, endpoint close, at endpoint, and over endpoint.

Another key asset of this program is the possibility of using four kinds of notifications - bubble, sound, Twitter, and exec. The bubble notification shows a bubble message in the system tray area, while the sound notification allows you to listen to a default or a custom sound file. The Twitter is probably the most interesting kind of notification, as it lets you publish a personalized message on your Twitter account. Finally, the exec notification allows you to run a program of your choice. All notification types have their own set of parameters, which can be configured to fit your needs. You can program individual notifications for different actions, such as a counter started, a counter stopped or an endpoint.

In short, Dinner Timer Lite is a simple yet comprehensive tool that allows you to time your cooking - or other activities that require precise timing - very accurately and easily.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Displays the running time in a big, easily readable format
  • Allows you to configure and use four useful notification methods
  • You can use up to five transparency levels for different states
  • You can define several notifications
  • Allows you to publish a message on your Twitter account automatically


  • Does not include any help files
  • You need to access the "Settings" section to establish the countdown time
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